Monday, April 2, 2012

Our Last Few Weeks

I have decided to do something which I should probably have done months ago and that is work through my photos in some sort of order.
In the last few weeks I have been working through those that I took during our short stay on the health centre compound after we were burgled.  These photos reflect the last three months of our stay in Tanzania and form a time of reflection not only on our time there but on things we left behind.
In good missionary fashion we sold off many of our belongings before we left.  This was a process which we were dreading but was actually accomplished without too much pain.  We simply spread them out over the floor and left a donation bowl on the side.  With a steady stream of visitors we managed to get rid of quite a lot.  The journalling still needs ot be done on this page. 

I tucked some pleated fabric under one side of the photo not because we were getting rid of any but because it was so much part of our life there.  I was amazed at how many stickers I had of things that we got rid of.  I stuck them onto acetate and then used foam pads to stick them on the page.  I couldn't resist adding this little mouse peeking out the corner.  No there weren't any mice but the mess was such that I am sure one would have loved to hide in it.
 The border of my for sale sign was made by cutting thin strips from a wall paper sample.

 I took this photo on an evening walk.  It just struck me that the bell appeared to be shut out of the fenced in building site and sparked a train of thought which I felt deserved a page to itself.
 I have recently become the proud owner of a cuttle bug and used this for cutting the strip bordering the photo and the orange net strip.  The stiff net was made by gently heating a shower net sponge with my heat gun.  I used  a variety of rich fibres layered over simple string to portray my feelings that under a glossy surface there was poverty in the area.
 We were really blessed with amazing sunsets and sunrises during our stay in this house and this paper was ideal as a background for them.  I used my favourite chalks to draw a border for the photos and used old film and clock rub ons as embellishments.  To give the clocks a translucent background I rubbed them onto an empty matt laminating sheet which I had already run through the laminater.
 The photo on the left is hinged and opens to show a sunrise photo.
 This layout speaks for itself.  For the last few weeks we lived in a luxurious house in wonderful green suroundings, while those outside the gates lived in a barren wilderness.  My jouranlling reflect my mixed emotions of joy at luxury and guilt and anger at divide.  The two green cut outs on the layout were made using my cuttlebug.
 Although this photo was taken during the last few weeks of our stay, it reflected my feelings form the whole of our stay.  It was always expected of us that we would provide local employment by having a house girl.  While I hated having someone else ordering my house around I knew that I would not be able to do all the house hold tasks manually and work.  It was always a pleasure though to leave for work in the morning with a full dirty linen basket and come home at night to this, a pile of pristinely ironed clothes.
 For my title I used water paint to colour a textured fabric and then used pva glue to stick it to letters which I had cut-out from cardboard.  I then cut around the letters again and sealed the edge of the fabric with more pva.  Apart from the dress which was a stamp I drew all the clothes by hand and mounted them on small folds of material to reflect the edges of the ironed clothing.