Thursday, August 8, 2013

Painty Fun

Having decided to be more adventurous in my scrapping I pushed myself outside of my comfort zone for this layout.
First of all I tore up various papers, material and tissues and stuck them all over my card.  I also cut circles of rug canvas and stuck them under tissue layers.  I then painted my blur thought bubble leaving the text squares blank.  These I painted white before adding my heading.

I did regretted adding the rug canvas when I came to try and write over it, a smother surface would have been better!
I finished the layout off with lots of doodling round the text and with swirls round the edge.  Doodling over my poly cotton pieces was possible but different to paper.

After this layout I made my next one a lot simpler.  For my 12 x 12 piece of card I used a piece of wallpaper.
 This added a moulded textured background onto which I added extra colour with my water colour pencils and then dabbed distress stain around the top of the photo to mimic the sprouts smeared round my nieces face.

 I mounted the photo onto a doily which I coloured with distress stain and added a dyed button which I mounted onto a dyed wooden embellishment.  To finish it off I threaded seed beads onto thread and threaded them through the holes in the button.

Sunday, July 7, 2013

July Catch Up

Splashy Time

The first time my niece came to stay with us we had problems at bath time as converting our shower into a bath caused problems.  So she was bathed in the wash basin.
I mounted the photo on a piece of canvas backed plastic which I coloured dark blue.  I had used mainly blue for the layout with the water in mind but wanted to make it more girly.  The pink hearts and rings helped and this scrunched up ribbon and pretty pink button and beads made it even more girly.  A small piece of 'lacey' gauze peeping out form under the photo helped as well.

 I had stencilled the dots in opposite corners using an old sticker sheet as a stencil and then added a doodled mock stitch border.  For my journalling I used micro-pore tape that I coloured using chalks.

 Canal Walk

This layout tells of a great walk we had along the regents canal in London.  I used a sheet of water colour paper which I coloured using paint with salt sprinkled over it to achieve a blotchy effect.
I made an envelope out of acetate and covered it in white tissue which I adhered to it using coloured PVA glue.
For my main swirl I used acetate which I coloured using my promarkers.
 I also stamped some shapes onto acetate.  I adhered tissue to the back of one shape once again using coloured glue.  I then used a large brad to secure both acetate shapes and a dyed wooden shape to the layout.
 I stuck small painted doilies to the top right of the layout and hated them.  Trying to rescue the layout I cut shapes out of spare water coloured paper and stuck them on.  I was really pleased with the results.
 I punched small circles out of the spare water coloured paper and stuck them on as bubbles round the title which I had hand drawn.
I took these photos ages ago in order to celebrate my love of baking and the luxury of having time to do it.  I used fabric as a background and embellishments.
I stitched the background onto a sheet of old card (whose colour I did not like) using horizontal and vertical lines to form a grid of squares.
I hand stitched a roll of fabric on using gold thread leading to a clock face which I had stamped onto acetate and then painted the back gold.
I made this heart from a scrap of material which I padded using waste wadding from an old bandage pad.

 I used shrink plastic to make the word time and threaded the letters onto a thread which I then tied to the main title.

The Last Time

I wanted to create the effect of spray for this layout which tells of my visit to see my great aunt (who lived on the Pembrokeshire coast) for the last time before she died .  I covered the paper with geso and while it was wet covered it with slightly scrunched up gauze bandage.  I stitched seed beads all over it along with a few ribbons.
I used a piece of loosely coiled silver wire to hold the main photo down.  I threaded small beads onto thin pieces of wire and hung them form the main piece.
The main photo hinges open to show another photo and a journalling block.
I scrunched a piece of net up and sewed it in place.  I then used a decorative pin so that it appeared to be holding it down.

 Photo TZ

These two photos were official photos taken of me when we were in Tanzania and they are horrible but they tell a story about official photos.
I had originally used paint on the top half of the page only but then dropped an open pot of glue on the lower half of it.  I order to hide this mistake I extended the blue.
I stuck some of my embellishments down first of all and then coloured everything together.  I coloured them using a mixture of different paints and inks, holding to paper up to cause runs down the page.  I then used a paint brush to flick paint over the page.

The One

I had had a digital copy of this photo for ages and never got round to printing it.  When my great aunt died this copy was among her belongings and so I had no excuse for not scrapping it.
It is one of the first photos of my now sister inlaw and tells the story of how we knew straight form the start that she was the one for my brother.
I stamped my journalling onto micro pore tape which I had coloured with chalks.
 For embellishments I used a coarse piece of string which I  dyed brown.  I tied it round two cardboard toggles and hung on a chipboard heart (which I painted and stamped) and a stripy square fimo tag.
As the photo was taken on a boat called Black Rose I added one as an embellishment made by usiing a peel off mounted onto acetate and coloured using a permanent pen.  

Monday, May 6, 2013

A Little bit Different

I recently had a spending spree on craft books and so decided to use some of the new ideas on these layouts.  For this layout I decided to cut the photos of my niece out as the background was black due to me using the flash.  This really detracted from the prettiness of the doll.  I hand drew all my letters, cutting the thicker section out of card so that I could overlap the border and photo to a small degree.
My background paper was plain pink and I dry brushed it with pink acrylic paint of a slightly different shade.
 This page remembers a trip to Camden Market in London.  The backing paper was some gift wrapping given to me by my brother.  I stitched it onto a piece of card - using a colour that I wanted to use up.  Having got the black and red theme I then used up a couple of transparencies I printed up ages ago when I was using up printer ink before throwing an old printer away.  The red/black netting on the right of the photo was an old fruit net which I shrunk with my heat gun and then painted with black acrylic.  I cut my title from silver card which I had coloured with alchol inks, black versa-mark ink and foil.
 I slotted an extra photo behind the main one and used the back of it for my journalling.
I have recently started playing around with doodling and decided to take it on to a layout.  This one is way out of my usual style not an embellishment in sight.  I masked the letters off with masking tape and used my distress stains to colour the background.  Unfortunately the masking fluid tore the paper when I removed it.  Next time I think I will colour in the white first to protect the paper.  I then set to with my coloured pencils and black pen.  The layout records a real bargain but also the story behind buying new trainers.  I wanted to include the price as in years to come this could be interesting.

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Catch Up

As with so many other little ones my niece loved playing with and eating magazines and books when she was little.
I had great fun using my new alphabet die cutting out backing papers.  I stamped little pictures into the hand made books, but they aren't designed to be opened.
 The photo at the bottom opens up to show another photo and the journalling.
I took these photos when we first got our cat.  The papers under the photos are designs I made when I was designing for Craftsuprint.  I printed them up with my last batch of photos so that they are photographic quality.  I was in a frivolous mood and so used up all those plain brown and grey buttons I have been hoarding for years.
I had great fun making the letters.  I mixed soft tissue paper with water and pressed it into the backing from a sheet of foam letters.  When it was dry I gently pushed it out and then coated it with PVA glue and paint to make sure that it held together.
 I created another layout about a trip to a rural museum.  I can't show all the layout here but thought I would put some of the embellishments up.
A fence made from wooden coffee stirrers was dyed with my distress stains and mounted on the hessian from an old shopping bag.
 I had loads of old cogs and a flat battery which I dyed with alcohol inks and used as embellishments.
 I cut cogs from corrugated card and also used some old screws and springs dye the same as the plastic cogs.
 I threaded some old fibres through a buckle and layered onto a dyed piece of old bandaging material.  I finally found a use for this little padlock in my stash.

Children's letters to santa provided the theme for this layout. 
A star cut from a cider can and stained with a mixture of alcohol inks, ink pads and embossing powder provided a fun embellishment.  I dyed an old sheet of stickers with alcohol inks and using the outline as well as the stickers.  I painted an old sheet of blue with a contrasting blue acrylic paint and mounted the stars and presents on it.
 The presents were made from scraps mounted onto card and wrapped in sparkly thread.
 Another christmas layout was embellished with foil snowmen peeking out from under torn and rolled back top paper.  I mounted them on canvas fabric which I had coloured using chalk pastels and sealed with hairspray.
I also used a piece of old bandage which I dyed with my distress stains.
 I made a snowman and reindeer embellishment from a pattern of a Christmas decoration.  I used pieces of rug canvas which I coloured with paint.

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Afternoon Tea

Many thanks to Jilli Bean Soup for the inspiration for this layout.  It celebrates an afternoon spent with a church group who were supporting us when we were working as missionaries.
It was a great layout to use up lots of embellishments on.
This little bird was made by shrinking a white plastic shower sponge with my heat gun.  I then coloured it using acrylic paint and cut the bird out when dry.
I backed this little butterfly sticker with acetate coloured with alcohol inks which I also used to colour many of the buttons used on the layout.
I had these plastic cut outs for ages so it was good to find a use for them.
I cut a couple of small cup cakes form patterned paper and mounted them on buttons.
I made this rosette ages ago for another layout but never used it.  I filled the centre with craft glue and then embedded these little beads in the glue.