Friday, November 28, 2014

Looking Forward

Having found The Documented Project life this year and followed but not participated I am keen to join in next year.  Instead of buying a journal I have decided to make my own.  One of my aims this year has been to use up some of my paper supplies.  While I have not bought any the stash does not seem to have diminished.  So I am carrying this aim on into next year and making my own journal from all those scraps I have collected.
So while others in the group are busy decorating thier covers I have been tidying out my hoarded away bits and folding them into pages to bind into a journal later.
 Pages include old book pages let over form my 2013 journal and old bits of wall paper which for some reason I thought would make a good background for a scrapbook page but never did.  No throwing it out is not an option it will be used somehow.
I am unsure if I will complete a full page each week so I have made so tags for those weeks.  Once again form scraps. Pre digital photos which I have kept even though the quality of them was not good have been cut up to use as the base for tags.  I found an old scarf that I had tried silk painting on years ago.  I did not make a good job of it and never really liked it.  It has now been stuck to card to make a couple of pages for my book and also a couple of tags.

 I also found this beautiful piece of parchment which I want to use,although at the moment I have no idea how.
 They have all been put inside the cover of an old exercise book awaiting the prompts.  I have attached a small bag on the cover in which I have put things I have found and want to use.  Putting them in my main stash would mean that they are forgotten.
My plan is to work on one page/tag each week.  Having them loose will mean that inks and paints won't seep through onto another page and also if I want to use my sewing machine it will be easier.  I also hope to post each weeks page up here.  Let's hope I am more successful than last year.

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