Thursday, December 16, 2010

Friends Layout

This layout celebrates the first time we played the Stealing Santa game and all those who we played with. Because we were in Tanzania we didn't have our family with us but good friends made it a great time.

For embellishments I made some from shrink plastic which was great fun (it shrinks to 1/7th of its size and increasing it's thickness 7 times when you heat it giving a small detailed image). I mounted stickers on acetate so that they didn't have to lie flat on the page, giving it more depth. The remainder were buttons, bows and sequins with small beads in the center and some word stickers. I stitched most of the embellishments on to give the idea of hanging as decorations from the tree would hang.

I made my large letter by dry embossing a piece of card and then chalking the raised parts in a darker shade. The small alphabet beads finished the title off.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Scrap Page for the Church of the Good Samaritan

This page has been real fun to do.
The really busy paper was the only one which reflected the brightness and joyfulness of the day but caused a problem because nothing would stand out on it. The chiffon ribbon under the letters was just what was needed to make them stand out.

The black edging and bunting strip brought the whole layout together.

I put the photos and journaling a flip book which you open to reflect the theme of the page which was the official opening of our church in Tanzania.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Scrapping Class

I have been working on these two layouts for a class I am teaching at our local craft shop (Blue Haze) I am trying to keep them pretty basic and so have worked to a simple template for both of them.

This one uses an old chocolate box liner as a border, the swirls on it just seemed to tie in with the theme of steamy smoke.

For anyone who is thinking of coming to the class on 13th January you are very welcome. Please bring with you any card making or craft supplies and tools which you have,plus a couple of photos to scrap (no larger than 6x4 inches) basic papers will be provided. Hope to see you there.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Dinning Room Pictures

We really wanted to have some pictures which were different on our walls. With the help of various lodgers who have left us a selection of frames we put together these two pictures using our leftover notes and soda bottle tops. Searching for notes which were not covered in grease was a challenge and our local cafe helped us get a good selection of tops which hadn't been bent when they were removed from bottles.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Craft Room

I have had such fun doing this room (see our joint blog for more pics). There are still lots of little bits to add but here is the progress so far.

The most important part of the room, my lovely big craft desk
and all my little favorite bits stuck on the walls around it.

I made the pen pots years ago by papier mache over old plastic containers such as the bottom half of old lemonade bottles. They were dumped in the garage while we were abroad and now have a new coat of paint.

Because the desk is in an alcove I wanted to separate it off from the rest of the room. I used to have a curtain but that didn't go with the brighter cleaner look so I have hung butterflies along the bar where the curtain track went and when my craft paper arrives from TZ will cut out semi circles and hang them along the top - sort of bunting style, at the present it is just the templates that are hanging there.

I originally thought of putting cork board behind the desk and painting it so that I had a notice board. Then I came up with the idea of painting washers (you need to strip the shiny surface off them first, I used spirit of salts) and then attaching things to them using magnets or as in the photo magnetic paper. If the paper is too heavy it doesn't work but for lighter things it is great and the washers look so pretty.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Lady Bug Mini Doll

Most of my crafting since we have returned has been decorating my craft room. My first complete project though has been this cute little lady bug.
Many years ago I bought a book called "Lovable Mini Dolls" by Terumi Otaka and went through a craze of giving everyone mini dolls. Then of course the book went on the shelf never to be used again. With all my scrap gear in transit I have dragged out all the old stuff and found some felt that I had stored in the loft, here is the result.