Friday, July 6, 2012

Schools Out

Still working through my Tanzanian photos but I have at last finished those of the school I worked in.
At one time the school server broke and computer lessons were not practical.  Instead I extended the RS lessons and we spent time making a frieze of the Easter story.  It wasn't one of my best craft ideas as some students felt it was too childish.  Others enjoyed it and it was a great to spend time with them in a more restful setting.

As the pictures were made up from screwed up tissue paper I really wanted to use tissue on my layout.  For the background I placed a large piece of tissue over my card and then just crumpled it to fit and sewed a grid over it to keep it in place.
I coloured the ribbon using my newly purchased distress inks and finished with buttons and some fimo embellishments I had made years ago.
 This layout is all about two cousins I taught.
It mainly consists of simple paper layering but I was very pelased with the flower embellishments.  I cut flower shapes form plain cardboard which I then stamped and chalked and inked the edges.  I then folded or rolled them to give them a 3d effect and put matching buttons in the centre to co ordinate them.
This was one of those photos which represents more the spirit of fun that I had with the children rather than the event.  
I struggled with the lettering.  I wanted something different as the rest of the layout was relatively plain.  I cut it out of card and then spread silver 3d paste over the cut out.  I'm not convinced it has worked but maybe it will grow on me.
 The photo on this layout is after the event which gave this layout it's title.  I had seen cheese holing years ago and having seen it again in the last issue of Scrap 365 I thought I would give it a go as everything falling apart at the edges was quite central to my journalling. I hadn't realised how much hard work it would be but it was very therapeutic as life was quite stressful and bashing holes was a real stress release.
I wanted to continue the idea of small circles in the title.  I put acrylic paint over an embossing folder and wiped the excess off leaving it just in the dips.  I then used it to emboss the paper.  his resulted in the embossed part coming out painted as well as embossed.
I got this wool from our local work aid shop and fell in love with it.  I wound it round metal rings and used it as a frame for my journalling to continue the circle blobby theme.
Ever since learning to crochet flowers I have been making them in spare moments even though I don't use them on too many layouts.  These ones just seemed to fit though.  The green flower was made with cream thread and then coloured using distress ink.
Wanting to have a bit of fun and frame the picture a bit more I hung these dangling flwers down the right side of the picture.
This layout is to remember saying my goodbyes to the secondary students.
 Years ago I made tiny flowers form little rosettes like these.  now they are fashionable and come far larger than I started with.  I filled the centre of this one with glue and then filled it with tiny beads.
 Using up one of my many paint charts I shaped the edge and slotted the writing under the photo and a frill which I had made from some packaging material.

This Layout isn't school but a coffee farm.  This was our last holiday in Tanzania and it took us the best part of two days to get there.
My journalling is framed with two floppy disc covers.  I removed and covered the metal sliding part of the disc with the same paper I had used for the lettering.  I then cut the end of the journalling block into strips and wove them through the hole.
For the background to my 'coffee' stamping I tore and coloured paper using my chalks.  I then layered this paper and stamped my wording.