Sunday, August 21, 2011

Lots of Pages

OK so there haven't been any new pages on this page for quite a while, that doesn't mean to say I haven't been doing any. Quite a few have been of individuals which I didn't think were suitable for publishing and then I just got out of the habit.
So here are some that I have been working on.
The photo's for this page were taken on one home leave and are of my mother in laws house. At the time we weren't sure that she would still be living here when we returned and we wanted something to remember my husband's childhood home by.

I have decorated the page with music and flowers which is what I always associate with this home. For my journalling (still to be written) I have used paper bags as in this house nothing would go to waste.
Many years ago I was given this dress, it could be worn in summer or winter (with layers under it) and was defiantley one of my favourites.
I used inked the edges of strips of the dress fabric and sewed on the buttons form the dress to use as an embellishment strip.
One of recent bargain buys has been two tins of metallic enamel paint form our local DIY store which was shutting down. Feeling that the top of this page was too empty I dabbed on spots of paint to form swirls which are slightly embossed and finished the page off nicely.
When we returned home in 2009 for medical treatment for Peter we had no idea if we would be returning to TZ and so had no idea what we should be brining home. As a way of distraction from the enormity of what was possibly happening I took photos. I have used these ones along with boarding passes to document those feelings, although the journalling is still to be added.

These phots were taken from the car window on the way back form a weekend break and show the wonderful variety of ways of travelling we saw in Tanzania.
We accidently found that we were staying in the same town as a car rally and were privillaged enough to be able to watch it as they raced along public roads with no regard for non race traffic and no barriers to prevent the public rushing up to the cars as they slid around the corner. A scary but unmissable experience.
OK so we didn't have traditional a Christmas in Tanzania but we did have the school nativity play each year and I loved these papers

This layout is based on scenes form a tourist craft market in Livingston Zambia. The game being played by the stall holders appeared to be similar to draughts but bottle tops were being used as counters.

Therefore I used original bottle tops bought home with us as embellishments.