Sunday, April 26, 2015

Custom Element

At DLP on 28th March te challenge as to 'Make a Custom Element'. As I regularly do something along these lines it was an easy week for me and to make it easier I used these two dragons which I had sitting on my desk. As I had been drawing them a few weeks ago the words 'Fly like a bird int he Sky' came to me and I pictured them flying with birds.

The birds which I used are lino cuts which I had made. There a a couple of clouds made with Gell Bead Medium. Originally they were painted white but that was too overpowering so I toned them down with blue and much prefer them.

To finish off I used these lovely little fairy stamps to 'play' with the dragons and as I often do I stamped my journalling onto white tissue and stuck it on with PVA glue so that the tissue went transparent and left the letters.

Doodle a Focal Point

For the DLP Challenge on 28th March we were challenged to create a focal point and to use 'Coming into Focus' as our journal prompt.

Continuing on my quest to draw faces I took a photo from a paper and used it to base my face on. Continuing to document my process I included tracings of different stages of my process. I sewed these onto felt and stapled them to a flap on my page.
For my page I used a piece of canvas from a roll and made a template from square frames and used it with moulding paste.  I then wetted the page and coloured it with acrylics.  To frame my focal point I used black acrylic ink and trickled it over the page.  I used a lino cut and white ink to make the chevrons. Doing this I learnt that lino print ink needs porous paper and will take ages to dry on non porous surfaces.
My title was made from old grunge board letters painted with acrylics.  A piece of wool/fiber was wrapped around the large letter and then several strands stitched to the right hand side of the page.

Doodle a Border

The DLP Challenge for 14th March was to use doodles as a border and the journalling challenge was 'Borderline feels like I'm going to lose my mind'.

All my faces seem to have the same shape so this week I decided to take one face shape and see how may different faces I could make from it. I also decided that I wanted to start documenting my learning journey. So I included my original shape on the tracing paper and those faces that I drew form it.

I used a stencil for my border and then doodled around it.

For my prompt I equated borders with boundaries and used the quote, 'Daring to set boundaries is about having the courage to love ourselves even when we risk disappointing others'. I have also added journalling about my creative process.

Watercolours and Acrylics

Havign bought lots of stamps, gon e ooh and arr I thought that maybe taking them off the shelf and using them might just be an idea.  With this in mind I got two stamp sets out and decided to use them over the next two weeks of the DLP Challenge and then to fit the challenge around them.
4th April was water colours with the journal prompt of 'Water under the bridge'.
The words that came tom ind with this prompt was Simon and Garfunkel's Bridge over Troubled Water.  The second part of my journalling came from the key in the stamp set.
I simply stamped onto water coloured paper and then used my watercolours to colour them and the background in.
I had a feeling that 11th April would be acrylics and it was.  The journal prompt was 'Cry me a river'.  I googled it and found several different versions of the song.  I decided to use these words from the Ella Fitzgerald version along with my second set of images stamped onto card stock.
I covered both pages with scrap book paper and then stuck the stamped images and journalling onto it and added shadows.