Sunday, March 15, 2015

As A Layer Element

This weeks DPL challenge confused me totally, I had no idea what it meant, even less what to do. So I skipped up a step to the theme for the month, Making Your Mark (Doodles & Mark Making). That I got.

Looking through children's story books I had come across some pigeon sketches which I loved and wanted to use. I copied the bodies but didn't want the heads, so I used heads based on another children's book. They made me smile and were sitting on my desk awaiting to see how they would fit into the prompt. Perfectly it turned out, all they needed was a bit of doodling over them and they were done. The craziness of my figures made the words 'Take a reality check' keep popping into my mind and so that became my title.

I used some old latter stickers which I doodled all over.

I love this page, just can't stop smiling when I look at it.

Using at Least Five Layers

Having decided to be true to my style I am now starting to find things I want to draw during the week and then adapting them to the DPL challenge.  I had found a tree similar to this one while browsing an Art Deco book in the library and knew I wanted to use it.  Having sketched it out I thought of using buttons instead of the circles and flowers on the original.  There are just five layers if you count the buttons as a layer.
I kept thinking about fruit and gifts and wanted my words to reflect those thoughts.  Searching through a quotes website I came across this quote: 'Try not to get lost in comparing yourself to others.  Discover your gifts and let them shine. Jennie Finch'  It is so appropriate for me I just had to use it.

It's Worth Repeating.

I was so pleased with my self this week that I wanted to document it in my DPL challenge.  I had at long last managed to lose half a stone, my goal for the year is to lose a whole stone so I'm half way there. 
The challenge was to use repeating elements.  I drew a thick set figure on a piece of paper and then traced it on to acetate.  I then thinned it down a tiny bit and traced it onto another piece of acetate.  I repeated the process two more times making it a bit thinner each time and slowly giving it a waist.  
I then cut the figures out leaving a stencil.  I had my repeating stencils which I used with gesso.  I then coloured them with my neocolours making the colours more intense and darker as they progressed.
Keeping to my aim of using up supplies this year, I used some old letter beads for the title.  I sewed them onto small pieces of card and then stuck the card onto my page.