Sunday, April 26, 2015

Custom Element

At DLP on 28th March te challenge as to 'Make a Custom Element'. As I regularly do something along these lines it was an easy week for me and to make it easier I used these two dragons which I had sitting on my desk. As I had been drawing them a few weeks ago the words 'Fly like a bird int he Sky' came to me and I pictured them flying with birds.

The birds which I used are lino cuts which I had made. There a a couple of clouds made with Gell Bead Medium. Originally they were painted white but that was too overpowering so I toned them down with blue and much prefer them.

To finish off I used these lovely little fairy stamps to 'play' with the dragons and as I often do I stamped my journalling onto white tissue and stuck it on with PVA glue so that the tissue went transparent and left the letters.

Doodle a Focal Point

For the DLP Challenge on 28th March we were challenged to create a focal point and to use 'Coming into Focus' as our journal prompt.

Continuing on my quest to draw faces I took a photo from a paper and used it to base my face on. Continuing to document my process I included tracings of different stages of my process. I sewed these onto felt and stapled them to a flap on my page.
For my page I used a piece of canvas from a roll and made a template from square frames and used it with moulding paste.  I then wetted the page and coloured it with acrylics.  To frame my focal point I used black acrylic ink and trickled it over the page.  I used a lino cut and white ink to make the chevrons. Doing this I learnt that lino print ink needs porous paper and will take ages to dry on non porous surfaces.
My title was made from old grunge board letters painted with acrylics.  A piece of wool/fiber was wrapped around the large letter and then several strands stitched to the right hand side of the page.

Doodle a Border

The DLP Challenge for 14th March was to use doodles as a border and the journalling challenge was 'Borderline feels like I'm going to lose my mind'.

All my faces seem to have the same shape so this week I decided to take one face shape and see how may different faces I could make from it. I also decided that I wanted to start documenting my learning journey. So I included my original shape on the tracing paper and those faces that I drew form it.

I used a stencil for my border and then doodled around it.

For my prompt I equated borders with boundaries and used the quote, 'Daring to set boundaries is about having the courage to love ourselves even when we risk disappointing others'. I have also added journalling about my creative process.

Watercolours and Acrylics

Havign bought lots of stamps, gon e ooh and arr I thought that maybe taking them off the shelf and using them might just be an idea.  With this in mind I got two stamp sets out and decided to use them over the next two weeks of the DLP Challenge and then to fit the challenge around them.
4th April was water colours with the journal prompt of 'Water under the bridge'.
The words that came tom ind with this prompt was Simon and Garfunkel's Bridge over Troubled Water.  The second part of my journalling came from the key in the stamp set.
I simply stamped onto water coloured paper and then used my watercolours to colour them and the background in.
I had a feeling that 11th April would be acrylics and it was.  The journal prompt was 'Cry me a river'.  I googled it and found several different versions of the song.  I decided to use these words from the Ella Fitzgerald version along with my second set of images stamped onto card stock.
I covered both pages with scrap book paper and then stuck the stamped images and journalling onto it and added shadows.

Sunday, March 15, 2015

As A Layer Element

This weeks DPL challenge confused me totally, I had no idea what it meant, even less what to do. So I skipped up a step to the theme for the month, Making Your Mark (Doodles & Mark Making). That I got.

Looking through children's story books I had come across some pigeon sketches which I loved and wanted to use. I copied the bodies but didn't want the heads, so I used heads based on another children's book. They made me smile and were sitting on my desk awaiting to see how they would fit into the prompt. Perfectly it turned out, all they needed was a bit of doodling over them and they were done. The craziness of my figures made the words 'Take a reality check' keep popping into my mind and so that became my title.

I used some old latter stickers which I doodled all over.

I love this page, just can't stop smiling when I look at it.

Using at Least Five Layers

Having decided to be true to my style I am now starting to find things I want to draw during the week and then adapting them to the DPL challenge.  I had found a tree similar to this one while browsing an Art Deco book in the library and knew I wanted to use it.  Having sketched it out I thought of using buttons instead of the circles and flowers on the original.  There are just five layers if you count the buttons as a layer.
I kept thinking about fruit and gifts and wanted my words to reflect those thoughts.  Searching through a quotes website I came across this quote: 'Try not to get lost in comparing yourself to others.  Discover your gifts and let them shine. Jennie Finch'  It is so appropriate for me I just had to use it.

It's Worth Repeating.

I was so pleased with my self this week that I wanted to document it in my DPL challenge.  I had at long last managed to lose half a stone, my goal for the year is to lose a whole stone so I'm half way there. 
The challenge was to use repeating elements.  I drew a thick set figure on a piece of paper and then traced it on to acetate.  I then thinned it down a tiny bit and traced it onto another piece of acetate.  I repeated the process two more times making it a bit thinner each time and slowly giving it a waist.  
I then cut the figures out leaving a stencil.  I had my repeating stencils which I used with gesso.  I then coloured them with my neocolours making the colours more intense and darker as they progressed.
Keeping to my aim of using up supplies this year, I used some old letter beads for the title.  I sewed them onto small pieces of card and then stuck the card onto my page.

Sunday, February 22, 2015

I Did it my Way.

Well this week I got loads of library books out for inspiration and sat down to sketch into a sketch pad with the idea that I could cut out my sketches and use them later  on.
The theme/challenge of covering the good was too much.  No way could I cover up work I loved, so I took the idea of covering up good thoughts.  Following on from my negative thoughts of last week I wrote down how I wanted to do with DLP and what I wanted to achieve from it.  Then as it was valentines day using my neocolours I drew a great big heart on top.
I gessoed over the heart and then the page.

I painted over everything using acrylic paints.  The girl is one cut from my sketch pad.  By this time the heart was disappearing so I drew round it with a white watercolour pencil.

I forget if I used gesso or white paint but I stenciled hearts on through a home made stencil and then stamped words of encouragement over the page.  I have had these stamps for ages so it was great to use them at last.  Using neocolours I coloured over everything just to bring it all together.
 Finally I cut out the title (this was the last sentence in my journalling underneath and really summed up my attitude)  coloured in my girl and stuck her on.

Don't Stop 'Til You Get Enough

Well the challenge for this weeks DPL was Don't Stop 'Til You Get Enough meaning using lots of layers and to be honest I hated it.  I had already decided that I wanted to do a scrap book page style for this week but then felt that I had to do something with paint, silly because I could do what ever I liked.
As the page progressed I did begin to like it more but it made me realise that I was doing what I felt was expected of me not what I loved and wanted to do and I vowed to change that in the future and be true to my style.

 'Has it no'ed?' or 'Has it snowed?' had been a frequent question over the weeks preceding this challenge and so I had to use the photos of when it actually did snow.  I worked in the theme of enough with my comment on the bottom. I can't remember how many layers I used under it but there were quite a few.

Friday, February 6, 2015

Fun Time

This week I had some time creating not for any challenge but just for fun.
Here is the little drawer set I made from an old mobile phone box and the pen holder made from my supply of ancient floppy disks.
The drawers were made by painting and then stenciling on top.  The butterflies were stenciled using modelling paste and the front was just a piece of paper stuck on.
The discs were just stuck together with superglue and held together with sellotape until the glue was dry.

DPL Week 5

This weeks DPL challenge was to use under paper and the theme was what lies beneath.   Unfortunately I had used most of my under paper up the day before making tags, so this was quite a challenge.  My face was cut from a piece of kitchen towel I had used to mop up some glue with and had dried flat.  The body was stamped on a small piece of under paper and the wings were a scrap of serviette that were sitting in my box of paper to be used.
As for what lies underneath.  I made this very personal and before I stuck the picture down I wrote the word worry and then covered it with something i liked.  I am a compulsive worrier and it lies underneath a lot of my life.
Instaed of making a folded page this week I made a pocket and did my daily diary/journalling on tags which I put in the pocket.  These tags still need to have ribbons/fibers attached to them.

Also this week I stitched together all the pages I have completed so far, and so my book has started.

Saturday, January 31, 2015

DLP Week 4

This week's DLP challenge was using Writing as a back ground and a journal prompt of 'Words with Friends'. Several ides drifted through my mind but none really stuck and then this song came into my mind and I decided that these words were all I needed.
I used my gelatos on a gessoed page for the background. They didn't blend quite as well as I would have wanted and I found writing on them really difficult.
For the white lines I used my white paint pen and then used sharpies to make the dots.
For the border I cut strips form a piece of paper.
I'll leave you to work out who my best friend is.

Week 3

This week's DLP challenge was right up my street with the prompt of 'colour wheel'.   I love colour.  I had a sheet of wrapping paper which was covered in brightly coloured jelly beans and immediately stuck it onto my page.  Trying to find somthing to put on it just didn't work so I covered it over with a piece of black material.  The bean pattern just showed through to give it some depth but not enough to detract from the black.
Using black ink I then stamped and embossed hearts onto brightly coloured paper.  Cut them out and made them into a flower.  An old fridge magnet sitting on my desk described just how colour makes me feel so it was stuck in the middle of the flower.
I then cut black borders and backed them with the same paper I had stamped the hearts onto.  For my wording I used acrylic paint on some grungeboard letters and then made dots around the edge using my white paint pen.

Thursday, January 15, 2015

DLP Week 2

Having decided to leave my first weeks journal page, this week I decided to finish it. It still needs a couple of photos adding for Saturday and Sunday but I am pleased with how the calendar page now fits in. The letters are some old foam ones covered in glossy accents.

Last weeks journal page was done on an old book page covered in gesso and then acrylic paint. At first it just didn't work because the text and pictures on the page were showing through too strongly. Trying disguise this I put splatters of an old pot of nail polish on and then dabbed on some alcohol ink. Still not pleased I decided to add photos of some new supplies which turned up during the week. At last I was happy.

For this weeks journal page I worked on an old piece of textured wall paper. I had already covered it with clear gesso and sprayed with dylusions through a stencil. I painted over with white gesso, added dribbles of acrylic ink and then stenciled over with red acrylic. The numbers were stamped on tissue paper and then stuck on.

Now for this weeks DLP challenge, gesso. Using an old book page I gessoed over it and then used distress stain. I stenciled some detail using glass bead gell (unfortunately it didn't show up on the photo). There is the texture of the stitching from last weeks journalling on the other side. I added acrylic ink dribbles, stenciling with gesso and some stamping. The three circles on the top left were made by sticking small bits of cotton onto card with clear gesso and then colouring with my neocolours and cutting out circles.

The tag lifts to show the three steps I am going to take for my beginning.

The tracing paper flap lifts up to reveal more journalling.

Sunday, January 4, 2015

DLP Week 1. Goals and Book Paper

I had already chosen my paper for this week, a piece of card with snowflakes on one side which I wanted to keep. So covering it all with book paper for the DLP challenge was not what I wanted.  Trying to think of my goals for this year was hard, I wanted them to be meaningful and so I started thinking about what I needed to do this year.  Recently I have been getting very frustrated at my lack of confidence, I know I am able but can never project that to others, so this was the goal I chose to journal.
My book papers came from a copy of Muddle Earth by Paul Stewart and Chris Riddell.  I don't like using books that somebody might like, so tend to go round the charity shops asking for those books which they are going to send for recycling.  I couldn't believe my luck when they gave this one with amazing illustrations.
For my background I simply brushed a diluted PVA and acrylic paint mix over the snowflakes leaving it clear around the boy on the right.  While it was still wet I sprinkled on perfect pearls.   I painted around the boy with ink and then stenciled the rays on with silver acrylic and a sponge.
I edged with oil pastels in blue and black, coloured my letters and stuck on along with the wold faith which I had in my stash.

My journalling pages were made by stenciling the stars with pastels onto a background coloured with gelatos.  The days were stamped on directly and the dates stamped onto tissue and then stuck on.  The lines in-between where machine stitched onto a rescued headrest cover from a plane and then cut out and stuck on.