Wednesday, January 5, 2011

The Corner Shop

This layout is all about the corner shop when we were living in Dodoma. It really was amazing, as small as a garden shed and stocked with a huge variety of goods. Quite often I would go out for something as simple as margarine and return with that plus a lipstick, soap powder and a Tanzanian version of cake.
I deliberately kept the layout drab looking with odd bright bits of colour as that is exactly like the shop was.
I challenged myself not to use any stitching on this one.


It's another stitched(around the star)layout. The journaling on this lay out reads
Tall, graceful and successful they were the stars of the tribes. They were neither Kenyan or Tanzanian they were Masai.

The embellishments were made by painting a bottle top with nail polish and then using a rub-on 'M', painting a child's sheriff's star silver and then topping it with stickers stuck on tartan paper and a clear button stitched onto the same tartan paper. I have a feeling the paper is more Scottish than Masai but who cares?


I seem to be using a lot of stitching on my layouts at the moment and this one is no exception with the cross stitch over the bracket and holding the folded corners down.

The flower embellishment I made by pushing a rubber stamp into air drying clay and then painting with acrylic and poster paints. I never throw any paints out until they have dried beyond recovery and sooner or later I find just the job for them, many of my poster paints are left over from my childhood and are still going strong.