Tuesday, January 10, 2012

All I want to say to you is...

A year ago I recieved two Bo Bunny edgy albums.  They went in my stash for that special occasion. One of them has now been used in this album for my niece.  I wanted it to be more than a record of things she did and so have made it into a book of mine and my families feelings for her. 
I have used a lot of pink as her Mum does not like it and will encourage her to wear any colour other than pink so this might be my only chance.
She was about 3 weeks overdue and I started the book with a photo of her scan a week after her due date.  I wrote all my hopes and dreams for her in the form of a letter.
The next set of photos were taken when we first saw her at 3 days old.
These next two pages I wanted to embellish using lots of soft white to emphasize the babiness of the layout.

The lace circle was in my stash but the pin I made by making  roses from spirals of felt  which were held in place by threading onto the pin.  In-between the roses I threaded a very pale pink ric rac.

I am sure that at some point in her life she will decide that everyone, including her parents is against her, and so I wanted to record the tender love and car that her dad (my brother) showed her and to tell her that he will always love her even when she can't see it.
These two pages just show her that she is a part of the family and a very much longed for little girl.

I cut the number three out of my paint colour charts and then wrapped ribbon round it.  The pink colour just shows through softening the white.

I used a cut out photo of the balloon my mother bought for her as an embellishment.
I still have two pages left which I will use when I have printed some photos of I have with her over Christmas.