Sunday, March 11, 2012

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These photos were taken at one of our farewell meals in Tanzania.  We were really good friends and both wanted a photo but neither of us took a decent photo.  Despite numerous attempts there wasn't a single good shot of both of us.  I really wanted to scrap this moment and our friendship and so decided to print the best photos up small and make the fact that one of us always had a funny expression part of the journalling.
 For the top of the bunting I used this old blind cord and painted the string between the balls black to tie in with the background.

The next layout was inspired by a child's comment.  The journalling reads:-
Conversation with Marlana on a journey home form CAMS.
'Miss Alison, what happened to your back window?'
'Some naughty boys threw stones and broke it.'
'Oh it's so beautiful, it's all sparkly.'
I saw the damage and destruction, she saw only beauty.  Let me look past the damage and destruction in life and see the beauty.
I spent ages cutting up paper forthe background and then of course I didn't wnat to cover it but the photos needed framing.  I came up with the idea of mounting them, the title and journallling onto acetate.  It gave a subtle framing and didn't cover the background.
 The dots between the paper pieces was done using metallic enamel paint and the lettering was cut out of semitransparent paper, mounted onto a background and sprayed with Cosmic Shimmer Mist.
 The mian photo was mounted onto acetate sprayed with Cosmic Shimmer Mist.
 This layout was created for a Wycombe Scrappers Crop where the challenge was to use buttons and celebrates the only birthday cake I bought in Tanzania.  It wasn't until quite late on in our stay there that good western style cakes were available to buy and I just loved this one.  The journalling tells to story of the treat and how I got it home on a hot day while being stopped by the police.
I created the title by cutting the letters out from the same paper I had mounted the main part of the layout on and then embossing with Ultra thick powder.  To add depth I rolled the edges of the centre panel.