Friday, February 6, 2015

Fun Time

This week I had some time creating not for any challenge but just for fun.
Here is the little drawer set I made from an old mobile phone box and the pen holder made from my supply of ancient floppy disks.
The drawers were made by painting and then stenciling on top.  The butterflies were stenciled using modelling paste and the front was just a piece of paper stuck on.
The discs were just stuck together with superglue and held together with sellotape until the glue was dry.

DPL Week 5

This weeks DPL challenge was to use under paper and the theme was what lies beneath.   Unfortunately I had used most of my under paper up the day before making tags, so this was quite a challenge.  My face was cut from a piece of kitchen towel I had used to mop up some glue with and had dried flat.  The body was stamped on a small piece of under paper and the wings were a scrap of serviette that were sitting in my box of paper to be used.
As for what lies underneath.  I made this very personal and before I stuck the picture down I wrote the word worry and then covered it with something i liked.  I am a compulsive worrier and it lies underneath a lot of my life.
Instaed of making a folded page this week I made a pocket and did my daily diary/journalling on tags which I put in the pocket.  These tags still need to have ribbons/fibers attached to them.

Also this week I stitched together all the pages I have completed so far, and so my book has started.