Friday, February 6, 2015

DPL Week 5

This weeks DPL challenge was to use under paper and the theme was what lies beneath.   Unfortunately I had used most of my under paper up the day before making tags, so this was quite a challenge.  My face was cut from a piece of kitchen towel I had used to mop up some glue with and had dried flat.  The body was stamped on a small piece of under paper and the wings were a scrap of serviette that were sitting in my box of paper to be used.
As for what lies underneath.  I made this very personal and before I stuck the picture down I wrote the word worry and then covered it with something i liked.  I am a compulsive worrier and it lies underneath a lot of my life.
Instaed of making a folded page this week I made a pocket and did my daily diary/journalling on tags which I put in the pocket.  These tags still need to have ribbons/fibers attached to them.

Also this week I stitched together all the pages I have completed so far, and so my book has started.

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