Friday, August 17, 2012

Hopefully the last of Tanzania

Having found my extra photos I have now put them on pages.  Thank goodness we are on school holidays and I have lots of spare time.
This first layout was all about the kittens we used to have at regular intervals.  There was no vet who we trusted to spay our female cat and so every four months we would have little ones under our feet.  The locals would be queuing up at our door to take them off our hands as they were good rat catchers.
This gave me the opportunity to rummage around and find all the cat stamps I had hidden away to use for embellishments.  Each cat is stamped and embossed using the same ink but on a different background.
To emphasise the softness of the kittens I used a circle of felt but it looked quite bare.  I then found a strand of wool which I had bought in a mixed fibres bundle from our local work aid shop and crocheted a ring to go on top of the felt.

This page remembers the time a chicken (kuku in swahili) got into our lounge and wouldn't come out form under the christmas tree.
 I found myself with a blank area under the small photos and a blank mind on how to fill it, which I wanted to do as I don't work well with white space.  I then found these little confetti reindeer I had salvaged years ago, sanded them down and then painted them with acrylic paint.  They filled the space perfectly.

Another Christmas layout this time remembering how often the rains would start on Christmas day.
 I have always loved seeing the negatives of letter stickers used on layouts and this layout gave me the chance to use them.
The large stars were made using my cuttlebug on old cider cans and then colouring with alcohol inks.  The smaller stars were cut out of air-drying clay using a child's stamp and then painted with acrylic paint.

And from Christmas we go to Easter, well Palm Sunday.  I wanted to use two techniques on this page.  Leaving the area of my title devoid of pattern and painting/ drawing a large palm leaf as my background.  For the latter I used my pastels and edged with watercolour pencil.

For my border under the photo I used a mixture of ribbons, a strip cut out form an old shopping bag plastic lining, a  loosely woven fabric from a pot plant and a small strip of crochet.

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