Sunday, September 23, 2012

Lazy Holiday Mini Book

This year we had a really lazy holiday on a narrow boat.  Just before we left for the holiday my copy of scrap365 arrived and I packed it to read while away.  One of the articles was how to make a mini book using just one sheet of 12x12.  I decided to use this idea but to add an additional shape to each page as inspired by a previous issue of the magazine.  I knew that I would not be able to add many embellishments as they would make the book to thick.  Instead I took photos of all things canal related and cut them out to decorate my pages with.

My cut out shapes were inspired by shapes painted on the doors of boats which we passed.
The cover is a photo of the boat name as painted on the side and a the canal we travelled on which came form a photo of a sign.  I Then mounted the layout of the boat (form our information pack) onto card as it over hung the top of the book.
I kept the centre background the same colour through out but used different techniques (stamping, crackle paint, doodling and ink) to decorate each page.
 I stencilled the day on each page.
 I used lots of tags for journalling which I took form a diary I had kept through the week.  This also gave me more space for photos.

These two swans when cut out made the perfect ending to the book.

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