Thursday, January 17, 2013

Holiday in a Shed

This layout is based around a holiday on the Welsh Boarders where we stayed in what was grandly described as a log cabin but in reality was a large garden shed.  In my attempt to use up some of my scrap paper I have used multiple strips to layer my photo's onto.  I have also used parts of tourist guides and maps.  A couple of the strips are from cardboard boxes/baskets which contained easter eggs and one piece is from an oat cakes box.  I gutted the base card behind the photos and strips so that I could use it for my title and the mat my photos.
 For my journalling label I cut out the outline left over from a label sticker and stuck it onto and old map.  I then cut out a disc from the map and attached it as as tag.  The label slots behind my photos.
 To attach the tag I used a small piece of recycled cord which was one of many strands which had made up the handle of my old torn shopping bag.  The bag has been used in many layouts as it is a lovely Hessian.
 I was really pleased with the title as when I came to stamp it I found that I had lost the 'a' stamp.  So i made a stencil from another 'a' stamp, and inked over it leaving a silhouette of the a on the card.  I then used my glue pen to fill in the centre and put embossing ink over it all. Then I cut the ragged edges off to form a nice smooth square.

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