Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Moving On

My creativity took a walk on this LO but although I struggled to come up with this idea I am moderately pleased with the finished page.  Sorry that I can't publish the photo for this or my next post.  This page celebrates my last day in my job before I moved onto my next one.  I cut the photo into a chevron shape to give the idea of movement and then painted the alphas with stripes to give the same impression.  The small circles have been punched out of netting which I coloured with alcohol inks.


  1. Ahhh I am so glad you mentioned your craft blog on Lucky Snapping as I hand't visited before..I love your style, my daughter would love the layouts as she says they should be busy with lots of pictures and also proper scrap materials..Love your map tags and other innovations.
    I shall look again! Xxx

  2. I love it - there really is a sense of movement!
    And the orange color - provide excitement.
    God bless you!