Sunday, March 15, 2015

It's Worth Repeating.

I was so pleased with my self this week that I wanted to document it in my DPL challenge.  I had at long last managed to lose half a stone, my goal for the year is to lose a whole stone so I'm half way there. 
The challenge was to use repeating elements.  I drew a thick set figure on a piece of paper and then traced it on to acetate.  I then thinned it down a tiny bit and traced it onto another piece of acetate.  I repeated the process two more times making it a bit thinner each time and slowly giving it a waist.  
I then cut the figures out leaving a stencil.  I had my repeating stencils which I used with gesso.  I then coloured them with my neocolours making the colours more intense and darker as they progressed.
Keeping to my aim of using up supplies this year, I used some old letter beads for the title.  I sewed them onto small pieces of card and then stuck the card onto my page.

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