Sunday, April 26, 2015

Doodle a Focal Point

For the DLP Challenge on 28th March we were challenged to create a focal point and to use 'Coming into Focus' as our journal prompt.

Continuing on my quest to draw faces I took a photo from a paper and used it to base my face on. Continuing to document my process I included tracings of different stages of my process. I sewed these onto felt and stapled them to a flap on my page.
For my page I used a piece of canvas from a roll and made a template from square frames and used it with moulding paste.  I then wetted the page and coloured it with acrylics.  To frame my focal point I used black acrylic ink and trickled it over the page.  I used a lino cut and white ink to make the chevrons. Doing this I learnt that lino print ink needs porous paper and will take ages to dry on non porous surfaces.
My title was made from old grunge board letters painted with acrylics.  A piece of wool/fiber was wrapped around the large letter and then several strands stitched to the right hand side of the page.

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